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Do you suffer from blinding headaches? Now there is a migraine headache cure in Columbia, MD. For patients who suffer from a variety of symptoms as a result of dental problems or injury to the head and neck, relief is available. The TruDenta technique in Columbia, MD, offered by Dr. Patricia Stoker, has been successfully reducing patient pain levels after the first visit.

Symptoms Treated by the TruDenta Technique in Columbia, MD

  • Dr. Stoker can treat Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) with the TruDenta technique in Columbia, MD.
  • Tinnitus and vertigo may also be alleviated using this technique.
  • TruDenta is used as a migraine headache cure in Columbia, MD.
  • Certain jaw issues may be ameliorated with this method.
  • Patients who experience muscle tension, clenching, and grinding may be treated with the TruDenta technique in Columbia, MD.

Evaluation and the TruDenta Technique in Columbia, MD

Dr. Stoker is trained in the use of this migraine headache cure in Columbia, MD. Dr. Stoker can utilize the TruDenta technology to evaluate the movement of your bite and jaw. This allows her to pinpoint any imbalances that could be at the root of your symptoms.

Treatment with the TruDenta Technique in Columbia MD

After your complete evaluation, Dr. Stoker may suggest a treatment program using the painless migraine headache cure in Columbia, MD. TruDenta does not rely upon needles or drugs to affect a long- term solution for your dental related symptoms. Patients experience relief after the first session.

There is no need to suffer with chronic pain. The TruDenta Technique in Columbia, MD may offer you the relief you have been waiting for. Call our office to schedule an evaluation today.


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  • Dr. Stoker really listens to what you have to say and she'll explain things to you in detail if you ask for it. Highly recommended!Anonymous

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  • Absolutely top-of-the profession! Being a dental assistant myself, believe me, one could not ask for more. Professional, comfortable, thorough, everyone is there to make your experience the best.Anonymous

  • Dr. Stoker and her staff are superior, professional, and knowledgeable ! I would recommend Dr. Stoker to anyone who wants the best dentist in our area!Gail H.


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